SAMSUNG plans to triple its chip foundry capacity by 2027

Samsung Electronics held the Samsung Foundry Forum 2022 in Gangnam-gu, Seoul on Oct. 20, BusinessKorea reported.

SAMSUNG plans to triple its chip foundry capacity by 2027

Jeong Ki-tae, vice president of technology development for the company's foundry business unit, said Samsung Electronics successfully mass-produced a 3-nanometer chip based on GAA technology for the first time in the world this year, with 45 percent lower power consumption, 23 percent higher performance and 16 percent less area compared to a 5-nanometer chip.

Samsung Electronics also plans to spare no effort to expand the production capacity of its chip foundry, which aims to more than triple its production capacity by 2027. To that end, the chipmaker is pursuing a "shell-first" strategy, which involves building a clean room first and then operating the facility flexibly as market demand arises.

Choi Si-young, president of Samsung Electronics' foundry business unit, said, "We are operating five factories in Korea and the United States, and we have secured sites to build more than 10 factories."

IT House has learned that Samsung Electronics plans to launch its second-generation 3-nanometer process in 2023, start mass production of 2-nanometer in 2025, and launch a 1.4-nanometer process in 2027, a technology roadmap that Samsung first disclosed in San Francisco on Oct. 3 (local time).

Post time: Nov-14-2022